Review: Lexus Hybrid Drive


You may not have heard of it, but if you’ve ever been behind the wheel of a Lexus hybrid vehicle, you’ve surely experienced the benefits of Lexus Hybrid Drive.

Now in its fifth year, the advanced split-series parallel system is more refined than ever, with a powerful, compact design that makes it suitable for most models.

So, how does it work? Read on:

Lexus Hybrid Drive in Action

The system has an electronically controlled continuously variable transmission, which allocates an efficient combination of electric motor torque and gasoline engine horsepower, no matter what driving conditions you’re under.

The gas engine charges the system’s hybrid battery pack by spinning a generator, thereby supplying energy to the electric motor when needed. With two electric motors, the engine conserves fuel and energy by shutting down when the vehicle is moving slowly, decelerating or stopped. This all happens automatically, so no special driving instructions are needed.

The two electric motors serve unique functions. The first is actually driven by the gas-powered engine and acts as a generator by which the hybrid battery pack is recharged. Additionally, it sends electricity to the second electric motor, which is a starter to the engine and power for the wheels.

What Does That Mean for Your Drive?

This unique hybrid technology allows for one of the quieter rides you can expect when starting and driving at slow speeds. Additionally, when in these low-speed modes, the vehicle doesn’t produce exhaust emissions or burn fuel – a potential lifesaver if you’re ever caught without gas.

After accelerating, the gas engine takes over smoothly, with the electric motor providing extra power when extra speed or power is needed. As you brake, the full hybrid system primarily uses the motor to decelerate, converting that kinetic energy into power which charges the hybrid battery.

All of this means that hybrid technology no longer comes at the cost of performance. Test drive a luxury vehicle featuring Lexus Hybrid Drive and feel the difference for yourself.

Available Hybrid Models:
CT Hybrid
Starting at $31,250 MSRP**

NX Hybrid
Starting at $39,720 MSRP**

ES Hybrid
Starting at $41,020 MSRP**

RX Hybrid
Starting at $52,235 MSRP**

GS Hybrid
Starting at $63,080 MSRP**

LS Hybrid
Starting at $120,440 MSRP**