REVIEW: 2017 Lexus LC500


If the all-new Lexus LC500 were a movie character, it would be Sean Connery-era James Bond. Beautiful and sophisticated on the outside, it’s a powerhouse under the roof, ready to take on any adventure you can seek out.

While technically a luxury sports coupe, the LC500 has some serious street cred when it comes to its mechanics. We’re going to go out on a limb and say that this vehicle may be a new benchmark of excellence for Lexus. Here’s our review of the all-new LC500:


The LC500 is so sleek it’s almost serpentine, with the silhouette of a classic coupe but with a tapered greenhouse, and lights and grille that fit the body like a seamless mosaic. Its panoramic glass roof is as gorgeous as the El Monte views, but drivers can opt for a carbon fiber roof to lower the LC500’s center of gravity. The interior styling is polished and refined, with camel leather and Alcantara materials, magnesium shift paddles mounted behind the wheel, and a clutter-free center console, equipped with the Lexus Multimedia infotainment system and other entertainment features.


We know what you came here for: The 2017 LC500 has a 5-liter, V8 engine with 467 horsepower at 7,100 RPM and 389 lb-ft of torque at 4,800 RPM. It has a 10-speed automatic transmission, and built-in software that will automatically adjust your shift programming, whether you’re accelerating, braking or lateral G forces are changing. Zero to 60 figures are now estimated at about 4.2 seconds.

Lexus hasn’t mentioned the possibility of a turbocharged version, but it’s likely the automaker will eventually add powertrain options in the future.


According to Lexus, the LC500 is an “all-new, rear-wheel-drive architecture that does not share components or design ideology with any current Lexus platform,” as it’s more structurally rigid than any other unibody Lexus has made. The automaker is so confident in the design that it plans to use the LC500 skeleton as a blueprint for front-engine, rear-wheel drive cars moving forward. With aluminum bumper beams, suspension links, and front-suspension mount reinforcements, the LC500 weighs in at about 2 tons, while a rear-mounter battery keeps the nose load down.


Because safety is always a concern, the LC500 comes with an array of standard and optional safety features and technology. Drivers can expect standard airbags, anti-lock brakes, stability control, and traction control, backup camera, blind spot monitor, rear cross traffic alert, forward collision warning and safety subscription services. Drivers may opt for the Safety System+ package, which includes adaptive cruise control, stop-and-go technology, lane keep assist, lane departure warning, and automatic high-beam headlamps.

Pricing on this model has yet to be announced, but get in touch with your Lexus Longo representative to learn more details.